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21 June 2011 06:30:12 Local chap thrown out of tournament for weighting the jack etc.
18 January 2010 11:02:25

Local footballers from Woking and the surrounding areas will do their bit to support the ‘kick it out’ campaign by participating in the ‘World Cup Community Against Racism Cup’ on Sunday 18th April.  The campaign itself is supported by the games governing bodies and aims to promote an anti-racism message. 

18 January 2010 10:55:51

Whilst the 11-a-side season is in recess, some of the best local talent from Staines and its surrounding areas have been taking part in the Woking Premiership 5-a-side football league.

Two teams quickly emerged as the favourites, Tottenham Hotspur who currently top the league with 3 points thanks in part to some impressive goalkeeping by Geoff Lamb, closely followed by BBC who are second on goal difference.

Other outstanding players include Ricky Watson of X Factor whose goals have kept them within sight of the leaders and ITV2 goalkeeper Gareth Plunkett who’s played well despite being in a struggling side.

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